Assessment Writer Configurator is a script which automates the setting up of Assessment Writer. It will need to be run on each teacher's computer before the teachers download their class files for the new semester.


Each new semester requires a new folder for class files in Assessment Writer. This script will automatically configure the computer it is run on for the current semester, while leaving the old class files in their original location. Teachers may then proceed with updating assessment writer with their new class files. Report Coordinators must ensure that Update Server has been configured to use the newly created semester's database, otherwise teachers will receive an error message when attempting to retrieve their new class files.  Assessment Writer Configurator ensures compatibility with Windows Vista by configuring Assessment Writer to save its files into the user's Home Folder.


  1. Download the script file. To save this file, right click on the download link below choose the Save Target As option.  The .ZIP is an alternative if you have trouble downloading the .VBS file.

    • If you download the .VBS file, make sure to save the configurator file with a .VBS extension.

    • If you download the .ZIP file, make sure you download then extract the .VBS file.
    Assessment Writer
    Download .vbs 32-bit x86 Assessment writer configurator script for 32-bit Windows
    Download .zip
    Download .vbs 64-bit x64 Assessment writer configurator script for 64-bit Windows
    Download .zip
  2. Run the Assessment Writer Configurator.vbs script.

  3. At the security warning screen, optionally deselect "Always ask before opening this file" and click "Open".


Assessment Writer will now be configured for the current year and semester, and will be ready to download the new semester's class files. You may wish to copy this file onto the network so it may easily accessed by teachers.

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