The Quick Vic Reporting Assessment Writer Utility Script is a utility designed to make it very easy to configure Assessment Writer when teaching at two or more schools running Quick Vic Reporting.

When run, the utility will automatically change the required settings and run Assessment Writer.

The Quick Vic Reporting Assessment Writer Utility Script can be downloaded from here - Quick Vic AW Utility.vbs.txt (Right Click and "Save target as")

When the file has been edited, it must be saved as a text file.  The file name being the registered school name followed by a ".vbs" extension.  For example: "Semaphore College.vbs"


This script file is designed to be run on a computer on which Semaphore Consulting's Quick Vic Reporting Assessment Writer program has been installed. It is for use in situations where a teacher teaches at more than one school which uses Quick Vic Reporting and needs to be able to change various registry settings depending on the school for which the teacher wants to record assessments.


To prepare this file, the Report Coordinator or a technician at a school should change the values of the first block of constants to whatever is appropriate for their school then save the file with the filename being the registered school name followed by a ".vbs" extension. Initially it is not necessary for the teacher to have one of these files for every school they teach at--they only require it for any subsequent schools after the initial software installation. This is because the script will automatically create itself for the first school as stored in the registry.


A teacher who teaches at more than one school should be given a prepared file from the schools at which they teach (apart from the initial school). The script should be copied to the teacher's desktop. When the teacher double-clicks the script file, it will check which school the system is currently set to use. If the school is correct, it will run Assessment Writer immediately. If it is not the correct school, the script will backup the key registry settings to another script file (but with the current registry settings in it) before writing its own values to the registry. It will then run Assessment Writer using the new values. 


It is strongly advised that the script code in this file is not modified. Only the constant values in the first block should be changed. The script is based on a programming approach called a quine. This means the script actually outputs its own script code to another file. If the script is not changed in both the code and the string representation of the code, it may prevent it operating correctly; it may appear that the first execution of the script is correct, but subsequent executions may have problems. Every time the teacher chooses to use a different school to that stored in the registry, it will backup the current registry settings. This means the teacher can make changes under File -> Options and they will be written to the script file such that they are restored the next time they use that same school.

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