This article gives instructions on removing "The school will do the following" from the report of year 6 students.


For students who will be moving to a new school in the next semester, you can choose to either delete this section of the report, or write in ‘not applicable’. To remove this text box from the reports, follow the instructions below.


    1. Open the Central Reporting System.
    2. Click on the Quick Setup icon.
    3. Locate the 06HG column and click in the 'What the school will do' cell.

Ensure field is unchecked

  1. Ensure "The School will do the following" is unchecked for Year 6.
  2. If "A R" appears in "The School will do the following" with a white background, click in the box to mark the item for removal. Then, from the Generate menu, click Build All Subject Report Parameters.

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