This article gives step-by-step instructions to modify a students details to have their name appear correctly on their report. This is used in situations where a student has two names seperated by a space.


The Quick Vic Reporting software treats names with spaces as multiple names. In order to have a full name print out on the Report, it is necessary to use a "non-printing space" instead of a regular space.

In the Student Details screen, removing the space between the students' two names and insert a non-printing space.


    1. Open the student which needs to be modified and insert the cursor between the two names.

Insert Cursor Here

    1. Delete the space between the two names.
    2. Depress the "ALT" key and enter "255" using the keypad (Num Lock must be ON). Then release the "ALT" key. If using a keyboard without a keypad, keypad emulation will need to be turned on. Laptop computers generally have a button which can be pressed which turn the letters on the right hand side of the keyboard into a keypad. This button may vary from laptop to laptop.

Enter non-printing space

The Quick Vic Reporting software will treat names with these spaces as a single name; both names will appear on the report.

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