This article gives step by step instructions for backing up a Quick Vic Database. We recommend schools regularly backup the Quick Vic Reporting Database as part of your school's normal compuer back-up procedures.


In addition to routine backup procedures implemented by the school TSSP Technician, we recomment the Report Coordinator make a copy of the School database at particular times in the setting up of the school database. Particularly when using the Assessment Item Organiser or the Enrolment Organiser.

The school database (mdb file) should be copied to a USB removable drive or a CD-R.


    1. The location of the database may be found by opening Central Reporting System; the database being used is displayed on the status bar (at the bottom of the Central Reporting System window).


  1. Use Windows Explorer to browse to the database location. Then copy and paste the database onto removable media, such as a USB drive or use CD Burning software to copy the database onto a CD-R disc.
  2. Keep the copy of the database in a safe place.

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