This article gives step by step instructions for setting up comment databases for use with Assessment Writer.


Download the comment databases from our website and save them in the Comment Database folder of the teacher's laptop. The Comment Database folder is set in the options of Assessment Writer.


  1. Download and save the comment database files (.cdb files) from the Downloads section of our website.
  2. Then, using Assessment Writer, open the comment databases via File -> Open a Comment Database -> Browse to the location where you saved the files in step 1 and open the file.
  3. Modify/edit the comment databases to suit your school's requirements. Save the changes.
  4. Distribute the comment database files to each teacher and save the comment database files onto each teacher's notebook computer. The default folder location  for comment databases on the teacher's notebook computer is C:\Program Files\Quick Vic Reporting\Comments.
  5. In Assessment Writer, the teachers then click on the comment tutor icon to use the comment databases when writing comments.

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