This article gives detailed instructions on removing a student from the Quick Vic Reporting database after a student has left the school.


In Central Reporting System, open the student's details and withdraw the student from all the classes in the list.

The student will automatically be removed from the teachers' class files when the teacher clicks the update button in Assessment Writer.

The student will be withdrawn (not deleted) from the Quick Vic database, so any results which may have been entered by the teachers for the student will be retained in the database should you need to retrieve or print the student's report in the future.

If it is later decided to print the withdrawn student's report, the student must be re-enroled into the Quick Vic database for the report to print correctly.


    1. In Central Reporting System, click the Open a student icon and from the Browse Students window Select and Open the student’s record.
Open a Student
    1. To withdraw the student from all classes when they have left the school, click the top left-most corner cell of the Class table to select all classes.

Click left corner cell

    1. Right-click to bring up the Class menu and select the Withdraw option. It will display the number of classes to be withdrawn, eg Withdraw from 9 Classes.

Right click > Withdraw

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