Using Report Production Setup, open each Primary Summary template in turn in Microsoft Word and enable the setting which allows a table row to break across pages, saving each template when the changes have been made.


  1. In the Central Reporting System, click on the Report Production Setup icon.

  1. Expand QS_Sem1 or QS_Sem2
  2. Click on the yellow Primary Summary portion folder
  3. Click on the Subjects tab at the bottom of the screen to show subjects.
  4. In the Template column, locate the template which is named PrimSumm_00HG.dot.
  5. Double click on the template name “PrimSumm_00HG.dot” and the template will open in Word.

  1. In the Word template, right click in the table cell where the comment has been cut off (usually this will be the What StPref has achieved box).

  1. From the drop-menu, click on Table Properties.
  2. Click on the Row tab.  Then tick the box that says “Allow row to break across pages”
  3. Click OK and save and close the template.

  1. Repeat steps 5 to 10 for the other Home group templates.



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