This article gives step by step instructions to print out a grid of results from Assessment Writer.


Before printing the result grid, change the Class File view to remove Graphical items by selecting QS_SEM1 or QS_SEM2, depending on what semester's results are being printed out.


    1. In Assessment Writer, open the relevant class file.

    2. Click on the View menu option -> Choose Assessment Items from the drop down box -> Click on QS_SEM1 from the drop down box. This will remove any columns with graphic formulae from the Assessment Writer window.

View --> Assessment Items > QS_SEM1

    1. Then click on File -> Print Listings -> Choose either Non Comment Results (VELS progression point scores and Work Habits), Comment Results (Comments only), or Result Grid (Comments, VELS preogression point scores and Work Habits), -> OK.

File > Print Listings

  1. This will print a paper copy of the teacher's entered results.

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