Follow the steps below to extract a student attendance/absence xml file from CASES21 which can then be imported into the Quick Vic Central Reporting System.

PLEASE NOTE - These instructions are provided to QuickVic by third parties and may not be accurate. For the most up-to-date instructions, please contact the CASES support line or their website.


The CASES21 administrator must extract the student attendance/absence data from the Students -> Achievements section and select the current year and semester.  eg. In Semester 1, 2012 the file that needs to be extracted is 2012.1.  After the file has been created it must be provided to the Report Coordinator. Report Coordinator's should be aware that importing the student attendance/absence xml file into the Quick Vic Central Reporting System will overwrite any teacher entered attendance data which exists in the database.


  1. In CASES21 click on Students.
  2. Click on Achievements.
  3. Click on AusVELS Imports / Exports.
  4. Double click Export AusVELS Student Absences.
  5. In the Export XML box that opens, click the Run button.
  6. Click OK at the Instructions message.
  7. In the window that appears:
    • In the Destination directory field, select the location where you wish to save the xml file, eg U:\CASES21\
    • Ensure that the correct year and semester are selected, eg 2014.1, and click OK.
  8. If necessary, go to the location where the file was saved. It is usually named AusVels2014Sem1Absences.xml, with the appropriate year and semester.
  9. Copy the file onto a memory stick or to a location that can be accessed while working on reports.
The student attendance/absence xml file is now ready to be given to Quick Vic Report Coordinator and imported into the Quick Vic Central Reporting System.

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