Follow the steps below to create a customised front cover page for your reports.


A cover page portion needs to be created in Report Production Setup. A document template can then be added to the top wrapper which can be modified as required.


  1. Create a Cover Page Portion

    In the Student Report Production – Setup window, click the QS_SEM1 cycle, and the Details tab for the cycle.

    File > Report Production > Setup

    Go to the Portion menu and select Add Cover Page Portion

    Create Cover Page Portion

    A new portion will appear in the Cycles/Portions tree as the first portion, above the existing portions. It will be called Cover Page.

    Cover Page Portion

  2. Ensure the portion is included always. Click this new portion in the Cycles/Portions tree and ensure its Details tab is displayed. Click the Include Always checkbox on the Details tab, so that it is ticked.

    Ensure Include Always is Ticked

  3. Create a Top Wrapper Template

    With the Cover Page portion’s Details tab selected, click the Create Top Wrapper template icon at the end of the Top Wrapper field, the first of the three icons for this field.

    Create Top Wrapper icon

    In the Create new Top Wrapper window, accept the suggested name displayed for the new template, eg Cover, or type in another name, and then click Save.

    Save Top Wrapper

    Wait while the new template is being created, clicking OK at the completion message.

    Click OK

    The name of the template will now appear in the Top Wrapper field.

  4. Open the template in Microsoft Word. Double-click the Top Wrapper’s name in the Top Wrapper field to open the new template in Word.

    Top Wrapper Name Displayed

  5. Set up the Cover Page template

    In Word, insert your school’s logo, type in any text you want to appear on the front page, setting it out as you require, using standard Word features.

    Format Cover Page

    Where you want reporting fields to appear, eg for the Year, Semester, Student’s name, Home Group, Home Group teacher, etc:

    Position your mouse pointer at the place you want to insert a field.

  6. Go to the Add-ins menu and select Insert Reporting field, or press Alt K.

    From the Insert Reporting Field window, click the Student tab for the student’s name fields, their Year level name, eg Year 7, etc.

    Student Tab

    Click the Other tab to find generic type fields, eg the Year, Reporting Cycle, etc.

    Click the Group tab to find fields about the Home Group, eg the Home Group name, the various Home Group teacher name fields, etc.

    Double-click the field you wish to insert, eg the Report Cycle Description, then the Year, or the different combination of student name fields that you require such as Given Name then Surname.

  7. Close the Insert Reporting Field box and you will see the fields inserted in the template. In this example, Semester 1 2007 will appear when the report is printed, instead of the CycleDesc Year fields.

    Insert Reporting Fields

  8. Continue inserting fields and text, as required. Format the fields as you would any other text in Word, eg change the font size, alignment, etc.
  9. When finished, Save and close the template in Word.

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