Quick Vic Reporting now supports "test-printing". This feature enables schools to print out a report without entering any assessment data or comments.


Choose a student which has not had any assessment or comments entered, and print them using Print Reports. The Test Report Summary Page will print with all the domains selected in the Quick Setup Screen and all the dimensions for English and Maths. Blank comment boxes will be created for items selected in the Quick Setup Screen.

Quick Vic Reporting intelligently adjusts to report only the items each student has been assessed in; when the time comes to print the reports, items which have no assessment will be removed from the Summary Page. For example, when Test Printing a Prep Report, the Mathematics dimension "Structure" may appear. This is normal functionality of the Test Print process and the dimension will disappear when reports are printed at the end of the Semester.


    1. Central Reporting System click on the Quick Setup icon.


    1. From the Generate menu click Calculate Overall Domain Assessments.


    1. Click on the Print Reports icon.


    2. Ensure you have selected the portions of the report you wish to test print. Select a student and order to print and click Next.


    1. Do not enter anything in the Student, Class or Teacher filters unless you wish to remove these sections from the report. Choose where to output the report and click the Go button.


Click here to downloadClick here to download an example student report.

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