This article gives detailed instructions for importing the Student Absence/Attendance XML file into the Central Reporting System.


After creating a Student XML file in CASES21, use the Student Attendance XML importer to import the XML data.  During this process you will have the option of choosing the format of the comment.  Upon completion of importing the XML file, the teachers will not be able to type into the Attendance field in Assessment Writer.  Anything teachers had previously written in the Attendance field will be deleted as part of the Attendance XML import process.


    1. Obtain Attendance XML file from CASES21

Ask your CASES21 Administrator to extract the Student Attendance XML data for the semester from CASES21. Click here for the instructions for extracting the Student Attendance XML file from CASES21.

Store this file in a location accessible to your Quick Vic Reporting Central computer.

    1. Activate the Student Attendance window

In the Central Reporting System, go to the File menu.

Select Import, then Student Attendance XML.

File > Import > Student Attendance XML

    1. Select the Attendance XML file to import

In the Import Student Attendance window, click the Browse button at the end of the XML File field to bring up a selection window.

Click the

      In the file selection window, select the folder in which the XML file has been stored and within this the XML file, clicking the
      button to select it.

Open xml file

With the file path and name now displayed in the Import Student Attendance window, click the Next button.

Select file

    1. Select the format of the attendance comment

Select one of the options for the format in which the attendance records are to be imported, ie as one of the preset comments, as a raw number, or as a customised comment.

Click the Next button.


If the fourth option, Custom comment wording is chosen, another window will be displayed where you:

Choose the required option

Enter the text you want to print when there are no days absent, one day and more than one day absent.

For example, for 0 days, you could enter “{Student.PreferredName} has not been absent to 15 June”, where the student’s preferred name will be substituted for the placeholder {Student.PreferredName}. · Click the Next button.

Custom wording

Click the Next button.

  1. Check the Summary window for issues identified 

    In the Summary window which is then displayed, check the issues listed there, informing you of the number of new and changed attendance records that will be imported, those that are not able to be imported and the reason for this.

    Check Details

    Click the Details button to bring up a more detailed listing of the issues identified in the Summary window.

    In the Details window:

    Click the + or - signs beside each summary category heading to reveal the listing of each record to which the category applies. Click the Close button when finished checking the details.


    If the issues identified are not expected, click the Cancel button in the Summary window and investigate these.

    Otherwise, click the Import button to commence the import process, waiting while the attendance records are imported.


    Click OK at the completion message.

    Click OK

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