This article gives step-by-step instructions for exporting student results from the Quick Vic database, so the data may be imported into CASES21. Before carrying out this export procedure you must ensure all reports have been completed and you are ready to extract final Domain and Dimension scores for the semester.


The Report Coordinator must use the Export Utility to export a Student XML file, and resolve any export issues encountered. The outputted XML file must then be provided to the CASES21 administrator who must import the file into CASES21.

Ensure that the latest version of Quick Vic Reporting has been installed on the Central Reporting System computer. If you do not have the latest version, visit our downloads page and download and install the latest version of Quick Vic Reporting.


    1. Open the Central Reporting System, click File -> Export -> Student XML.


    1. Select the folder into which you want to store the file.


    1. Enter a file name for the XML file, eg 2013_Semester2_Results


    1. Click the Save button and wait while the export process prepares the student scores for export.


    1. If necessary resolve any XML Export Issues. If an XML Export Issues box appears, check the names of the students for whom errors have been found. In the example below, the student is missing the two special system ‘subjects’ which are created by the process of importing a Student XML file.

The most common reason for such messages will be that the students were added manually in Central Reporting System and not brought in via an XML file. If this is the case, you must re-import an up-to-date Student XML file, following the steps in section 1.5.2 of the training guide, in order to assign the campus and registration data. You will not lose any assessment or comment data by importing a new Student XML file.

Click the Cancel button and investigate the cause of the problem, if necessary.


Alternatively, select the appropriate option button in the bottom left-hand corner and click the Proceed button

    1. Complete the export XML file process. Click the OK button at the completion message.


  1. The exported XML file then needs to be given to your CASES21 administrator who will need to import the file into CASES21.
If you need the CASES 21 instructions to import the XML file generated from Quick Vic, please go to the CASES21 website.

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