A Principal's signature can be easily added to the report templates by following the steps outlined below. In the example, a Principal's signature section is added to the Prep reports.


Using Report Production Setup, open each Primary Summary template in turn and insert a new row to the table underneath the Teacher Signature.  Add the required text and save each template when the changes have been made.


    1. In the Central Reporting System, click on the Report Production Setup icon.

The Report Production Setup icon

    1. Click on the Primary Summary yellow portion folder and the Subjects tab at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Double click on the "PrimSumm_00HG.dot" template. This will open the Prep template in Word.

Locate the template

    1. Scroll down to the Teacher signature and Date row of the table and insert the cursor at the position shown and press ENTER on the keyboard to insert a new row into the table underneath the Teacher Signature.

Insert cursor here

    1. Finally, then edit the bottom table row which you just pasted. Type in the words "Principal" in the left column and "Date" in the right column if you wish.

Made desired changes

  1. When you have made the required changes, save the changes and close the Word template.

You will then need to repeat the same steps above for each of the other 6 year level templates i.e. PrimSumm_01HG.dot, PrimSumm_02HG.dot, PrimSumm_03HG.dot, etc.

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