This article gives instructions on adding a student to the Quick Vic database.


When a student arrives at the school after the student data has been imported into Central via the Student XML file, you must re-import an updated Student XML file extracted from CASES21. After the student has been added to the database, they must be enrolled in the appropriate classes.


  1. Re-import the Student XML file
    • Where the new student have come to the school since the students were first imported, you must re-import an updated Student XML file.
  2. Open the student
    • Click the Open a student icon and from the Browse Students window select the new student.
  3. Add classes
    • Right-click over the table of classes and select the menu option Add Classes.
    • A Select additional classes window is displayed.
    • If the student is to be enrolled in all classes for their Home Group, ie all the class codes ending with their Home Group code, eg. 03HG03H, 03ART03H, etc, enter *03H in the Class code field.
    • Click the Find Now button.
    • To select all of the classes found, click the grey cell in the top left corner of the table.
    • OR

    • To select individual classes, move over to the grey selection column to the left of the class you want to select and click while holding down the Ctrl key.
    • Repeat for other rows you want to select.
    • Note that holding down the Shift key allows you to select a contiguous set of rows, ie. you click the first row required and then, holding down the Shift key, select the last row required.

    • Click the Select button and the classes selected will be added to the student’s record.
    • After the student has been enrolled in the necessary classes they will be automatically added to the relevant class files the next time the teachers press the Update button in Assessment Writer.

  4. Repeat this process for the other students, as required.

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