Below is a checklist of steps to follow to try to identify the cause of the problem:

  • In the Central Reporting program, click on File -> Open -> Student Results. Select the student that you are printing the report for. View the results and check that all of the results have been entered. If the results aren't there, have the teacher update his/her class files from Assessment Writer and try printing again.

Students Results

  • If the results are all there, the next step  is to click on the "Quick Setup" icon. In the Quick Setup screen, click on Generate -> Calculate Overall Domain Assessments -> OK.

Calculate Domain Assessments

  • Click on the Print Reports icon. On the first screen, ensure that the relevant report cycle and portion folders are ticked. Also ensure that the correct individual/criteria has been selected -> Next .

Print Screen 1

  • On the second screen, ensure that there is nothing entered in any of the Subject/Class Filter boxes. Also ensure that the only options boxes which are ticked are "Exclude withdrawn enrolments" and "Record each as output" -> Go.

Print Screen 2

If the report still won't print correctly, try choosing a different printer or printing to a Word document as it may be a printer related issue

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