In the Central Reporting System, after clicking on Generate -->Build All Subject Report Parameters in the Quick Setup screen, the following error message is displayed:

Runtime error 5 - invalid procedure call  

There are a number of possible causes for this error message:

1) Ensure that you are using the latest build of the Central Reporting System. To check this, click on Help --> About. The current version is version 2.93, build number 1012. If necessary, download & install the latest build of the Quick Vic software from the Downloads section of this website.

2) If you have additional languages installed in Microsoft Word and a language other than English is set as a default language, this error can occur. To check these settings:

Open Microsoft Word. Click on Tools --> Language --> Set Language. Check that English is set as the default language. Close Word.
Click on Start --> Control Panel --> Regional & Language Options --> Languages tab--> Details button --> Advanced tab --> Turn off advanced text services.
Then go to the Advanced tab --> Ensure English is set as the language for "non unicode" programs.

Close Word and open Central and then Build the Subject Report Parameters again. 

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