Windows Vista treats the Program Files folder as a protected folder; it will only allow program files to be stored there.

This can create several problems while using Quick Vic Reporting if class files or databases are saved in the Program Files folder.

If this is attempted, Windows Vista will actually store the class files or databases in a virtual folder.

These virtual files are actually located in the C:\Users\UserAccount\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\ folder.

The solution to this problem is to store the class file, backups, databases, and all other Quick Vic Reporting files in a location which does not have restricted access.

To address this problem we have created the Assessment Writer Configurator which stores the Class Files, Backup Files, Custom Dictionaries and Comment Databases in C:\Users\UserAccount\Quick Vic Reporting\SchoolName\

We recommend taking a similar approach when creating the database and the templates on the Report Coordinator's computer.

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