The below information was supplied by TSSP technician Luke Compston.

A teacher would go to assessment writer and not be able to update, where before they had done so successfully.
Restarting the VirtualPC, and any standard network diagnostics within windows would have no results.

I have identified and resolved this at two schools now.

This is caused by the VirtualPC for some reason losing the Networking settings - and disabling the network for the Virtual PC that contains Assessment Writer.

At a guess, I could say that it may be caused by starting the VPC without a network cable being plugged in, or no wireless connection.

It could be something else causing this issue as well.

While this is not a problem with your software, I am providing this information to you as it may be a wide spread issue you are encountering and being contacted about.

The solution - on Virtual PC 7.0.2

Open the Virtual PC settings, and ensure Virtual Switching is on default.
Open the PC Settings and click on networking
Enable networking if it is disabled, and ensure Virtual Switching is selected.

You will be required to restart the VirtualPC - and if a network cable is plugged in, upon restart, the teacher should then be able to update assessment writer if the issue was caused by this.

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