After the import of data from CASES21 there will still be some data which needs to be entered into the new database. Rather than input data manually, some schools may choose to populate their new database using CSV files.

The format for the CSV files is as follows:

Data File

Order of Fields and Special Instructions


Teacher Code, Surname, Given Names, Preferred Name, Salutation


NB       Salutation is optional


Student Group

Group Code, Group Name, Coordinator Code


NB       Coordinator Code is optional



Subject Code, Subject Name, Year Level, Coordinator Code, Report Position, Subject Description


NB       Report Position and Subject Description are optional fields.



Class Code, Subject Code, Teacher Code



Student Code, Class Code 1, Class Code 2, Class Code 3,…


Student Code, Class Code

Student Code, Class Code

Student Code, Class Code…


NB       There is no limit on the number of classes which may be imported or exported for each student.


Schools may use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or a text editor like Notepad to create their CSV files.

Below are some example csv files which may be downloaded.

Example teacher.csv file

Example subject.csv file

Example class.csv file

Schools may find the majority of the required data can be found in places such as the school timetabling software, CASES21 and other school admin databases.

This page gives instructions on importing CSV files

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