Name/Pronoun substitution

NOTE: If you wish to use name/pronoun substitution in your comments, the special codes must be entered correctly in your .csv file , in accordance with the following:

  • Curly brackets must surround the control text, eg. {His/Her/Name} .
  • Use a slash (ie /) between the various components of the control text.
  • Use the case that you require, eg. {His/Her} will produce Proper case substitution; {HIS/HER}, all upper case, etc.
  • All pronoun substitution options must have both the male and female pronoun, with the male pronoun first.
  • For name only substitution, enter either {Name} or {Name's} only.
  • For pronoun substitution only, insert only the required pronoun combinations, eg. {He/She}, {his/her} etc.
  • If substitution text is entered in any way other than in the required format, eg. {She/He} instead of {He/She}, correct substitution will not occur, but the text as typed will appear in the comment.

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