Additional Features

Listed below are some of the additional tools that enable you to fully utilise comment databases.

Spell check comments

From the Spell menu you can make a selection as to the components of the database that require spell checking, as you would in a class file. For further details on this refer back to the Spell Check section.

Print a listing of all the comments in the database

You may print out a complete listing of the contents of a comment database file – its categories, values and comments

  • Open the comment database you wish to print.
  • Select Print Comments from the File menu.
  • From the Print box then displayed, choose the print options you require.
  • Click OK to begin printing.

Import/ Export comments

Importing comments is an alternative to manually entering categories, values and comments directly into a comment database file in the Assessment Writer. For example, you may set up the comments in Microsoft Excel or Word and then import them into a comment database via File -> Import Comments.

To be able to import comments from another source, they must be in a special format, called comma-separated value (or CSV format). Within the CSV files, the comment data fields to be imported must be inserted in a set manner. Care must also be taken when comments being imported contain embedded blank lines.

Example file format:

Before you can import comments, you must firstly create and open the comment database into which they are to be imported.

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