Displaying existing Comment Databases

Just as you can display and open your class files from the Tasks window, you may do the same for comment databases.

A Display/Hide comment databases icon in the Tasks window allows you to toggle on or off a comment database panel.

This panel, when displayed, lists the comment databases found in the default location set in the Assessment Writer, eg C:\Program Files\Quick Vic Reporting\Comments.

As you move the mouse pointer down over each comment database, an information box displays details about it, eg the number of comments in it.

As you open and close comment databases, as with your class files, you will be returned to the Tasks window. From here you may select further comment databases to open, close down completely or perform other tasks allowed in the Assessment Writer.

Opening a Comment Database

  • If the comment databases panel is not already showing in the Tasks window, click the Display comment databases icon.
  • If your comment databases are then listed in the panel, click the one you want to open, as shown above.


  • If your comment databases are not listed:
  • Click File in the menu bar.
  • Click Open a Comment Database.
  • From the Selection box that appears, find the location of your comment databases and double-click the one required.
  • A message will ask if you want to make this the default location, making it easier to find them in future. Click Yes if this is where your comment files are normally stored, and they will be listed in the Tasks window from then on.

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