Setting up the Comment Database

Once you have created a new comment database, or if you want to add to an already existing one:

  • Select Category from the menu bar or right-click in the Categories box and select Add.
  • Add the Category description and click OK.
  • Select Value from the menu bar or right-click in Values and select Add.
  • Add the Value description and click OK.
  • Add further categories, and values for them, in the same way.
  • Now, comments are entered for each of the different category values, with each row of the comments table being one comment:
  • Click the category and then the value, to which you want to add comments.
  • In the Comments table, click the blank row – the one with an asterisk in it.
  • To insert special name and pronoun substitution text, press Ctrl I or click the Substitution icon, when positioned at a point in a comment where you want a student's name and/or an appropriate pronoun to appear.
  • Select the appropriate Name/Pronoun combination – if the default selection is not correct – and press Enter or click OK.

NB Press F1 when in the Name/Pronoun substitution box for full details of its options

  • Type in the rest of the comment.
  • Repeat for all other comments required for the particular value, and for other values and categories.
  • Spell check the comments in the comment database, selecting from the options in the Spell menu, eg Check All.

Editing and deleting comments

Standard editing tools (eg cut, copy, paste) are available in the Comments section. Right-click to display the menu.

To delete a comment row:

  • Select the row you want to delete.
  • Select Edit, then select Delete Comment.

Delete a Category or a Value via the Category and Value menu bar options, respectively.


You may change the order of any of the categories, any of the values or any of the comments.

It's best to have the most useful or commonly-used comments at the top of the list, to make it easier when drawing upon them in the Comment Tutor section of your class files.

  • Click the category, value or comment you wish to move up or down.
  • Click the Move Up or Move Down icons applicable to the appropriate section, until it is positioned in the correct place.

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