Updated Training Notes (Version 2.93, 18 June 2007)  for School IT Technicians can be downloaded here.Click here to download
These notes contain a step-by-step checklist and provide technicians with the details of setting up Quick Vic Reporting in a school from a technician's perspective. Specifically, the notes include:
  • The installation of both the Administrative and Teacher components of Quick Vic Reporting on appropriate computers.
  • The customisation of the Teacher installation so that the school's settings are applied on installation.
  • The use of the Database Utilities program to create and select the Quick Vic Reporting databases.
  • Folder and file requirements, including network privileges or access requirements.
  • Details of backup requirements for the Quick Vic Reporting database and template folders.
  • Details of Quick Vic Reportings backup procedures for teachers' class files and the recovery of these.
  • The setup of Update Server to host the collection and updating of teacher class files.
  • The setting of Microsoft Word security options on Report Coordinator computers, necessary for the creation of report templates.

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