Below is an extract from the Education regarding calculating the quartile rankings

There is a paragraph on the last page of the student report card referring to information parents can ask for that shows in which 25% of the peer group their child is performing.

It is a school decision as to whether information provided in response to a request from a parent is about achievement in subjects, or in individual domains.

The peer group of a child in a school is defined as 'all children at the school who are undertaking the same year level as the child in a year'.

If this information is requested, schools will decide on the most appropriate way of reporting it to parents.  The Department of Education reporting software QuickVic does not produce this information

The information could be provided by making a professional judgment as to whether a student’s performance overall is:

  • better than approximately three-quarters of the students in the group (in the first quartile)
  • better than approximately one-half of the class (in the second quartile)
  • better than approximately one-quarter of the class (the third quartile)
  • below that of approximately three-quarters of the class (the fourth quartile).

Schools may wish to clarify that the ranking provides only an indication of their student’s performance relative to the other students who happen to be in the group. The A-E ratings and the more detailed comments in the student report card provide information about their student’s progress against state-wide standards.

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