Attendance Items in Reports

The Attendance field is a comment, whereby a teacher may enter a remark about each student’s attendance. In a Primary school, an Attendance item may also be selected for inclusion in the Summary report, produced for the Home Group teacher. Rather than teachers manually entering attendance data for their students, the attendance records from CASES21 may be imported into Quick Vic Reporting. The importing of attendance data is one of the last steps the Report Coordinator will undertake before printing reports.


Attendance XML File

The attendance data that is extracted from CASES21 is in an XML format, the same file type as that used to import students every semester from CASES21.

The Attendance XML file is semester-specific, ie the semester to which the attendance data belongs is built into the file when exported from CASES21 and, therefore, must be imported into the Quick Vic Reporting database for the same year and semester.

The file contains the overall number of days absent for the semester, as a number, in half day increments, eg 0, 3, 4.5, etc. It is not available on a class-by-class basis.

Format of the Attendance Comment

When the Attendance XML file is being imported into Quick Vic Reporting, you may specify the format in which the data will be stored in the Attendance items in the database and, therefore, print on the reports. There are four options available so that preset comments, the raw number or a customised comment option may be selected.


When the Custom comment wording option is chosen, you may use three fields as placeholders for the student’s preferred name, given names and the number of days absent, when composing the comment text.

Summary and Details of Import Process

When importing the Student Attendance XML file, prior to the data being imported, a pre-pass is performed. This process compares the records in the XML file with the data currently stored in the Quick Vic Reporting database.

Prior to proceeding with the import, a Summary window lists all of the issues identified in its pre-pass, allowing you to bring up a detailed record-by-record listing, in order that you may decide to continue with the import or cancel it and investigate the issues listed.

The Summary window informs you of the number of attendance records that will be created, changed, skipped or ignored by the import process. For example, where an attendance record is found in the XML file, but there is no attendance field in the database for the student into which to import it, the student will be skipped.

From the Summary window, you may go to a Details window that has a record-by-record listing of all of the issues identified.

You should check these details and, if the results are unexpected, cancel out of the import process from the Summary window. Investigate the issues further, fixing any records required, eg adding students to their correct classes, ensure there is a Personal Learning Goals subject with the Attendance assessment item selected in the Quick Setup window, and rebuilding the report parameters, etc.

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